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I'm studying Filmmaking in college. My obsessions are Twilight and Disney. I have met some famous people but not many, including Peter Facinelli from Twilight and the Osmond Brothers (that was a long time ago). I admire Hillary and Hannah Hindi from the Hillywood Show and have met them twice and both are the sweetest girls ever. I want to become a Producer, Screenwriter and a Director, I don't know if I want to do more TV or movies but I love both.
♥ Jen

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Story behind this? Her dad was leaving on a 2 year deployment. She was crying, and wouldn’t let go of her dad’s hand, even when he stood in line, saluting. No one had the heart to break them apart.

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Peepsa, cookie cake with peeps, m&ms and sprinkles

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The best kinds of laughter:

  • Laughing so hard that your laugh becomes silent and you sit there clapping like a fucking seal
  • Feeling a six-pack coming up
  • Tears coming out of your eyes